Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza  - Vis
27.04.  -  30.04. 2017.

Photo by Joe Mazzoleni

Crew of Srna V with skipper Ciril Vrančić is the winner of 11th Adriatic Race on corrected time (NHP). Best part of the race for Srna V was after Palagruža in upwind conditions when they were able to pass few rivals. On corrected time second place takes Macropus. Third was crew from university of Split on Adio Pameti skippered by Luka Pezelj. 

With the win in this year edition name of Ola and her skipper Toni Bulaja Vepar will be engraved for the second time on Adriatic Race main trophy - the Pripela. In this way Ola is joining the club of two time winners that also includes Veliki Viharnik and E1. Prize giving ceremony took place in Villa Kaliopa with crews sharing their impressions from the race.

Slovenian team on Macropus skippered by Boštjan Jančar sailed a very strong race, finishing second over the line and on corrected time (NHP).

At the moment first on corrected (NHP) time is Srna V skippered by Ciril Vrančić. To take the lead on corrected time Manderosi must cross finish line inside Vis harbour before 16:42:34

Second over the finish line is slovenian crew on Macropus, they were followed by Munjek F, Adio Pameti, Srna V, My May and Waypoint. We are expecting local Vis crew Manderosi.

Ola sailing team is the winner of 11th Adriatic Race!

Ola skippered by Toni Bulaja Vepar is near Stončica lighthouse and in fresh breeze they are closing on finish line. Crew from YC Marina Kaštela passed other class40 - Wayponit at Stončica after the start and they dueled for the lead with Munjek F all the way to Palagruža. In the upwind conditions towards Sušac and Vis they established comfortable lead over the rest of the fleet.

05:00 Ola is only 8 nm from finish line. Some 10 nm behind the leader for second place there is the duel between Macropus and Munjek F. One hour ago group of yachts (Adio Pameti, Srna V, WayPoint and My May) turned Sušac and are close to each other....

Yacht are coming back inside area covered by tracking signal. Ola is extending their lead, while second place held by Munjek F is under threat by slovenian crew on Macropus...

This morning My May with skipper Mladen Bralić Novak and Adio Pameti with skipper Luka Pezelj had the duel in cloudy Vis bay, and now they are competing in waters around Palagruža under the stars. But nearby are also Macropus, WayPoint and Srna V....

According to our current informations yachts have turned Palagruža in following order:
1. Ola
2. Munjek F
3. Macropus
4. WayPoint
5. Adio pameti
6. My May
7. Srna V
We received informations from Ola. Munjek F was in lead before Palagruža, but Ola just before the turn was able to pass them to regain the lead and turn the most distant Croatian island with their rival just astern. In the current upwind conditions Ola is extending its lead...

Some 15 minutes behind Ola in second place around Palagruža is Munjek F with skipper Duško Tomić. Between Sušac and Palagruža Ola and Munjek F had sailed at similar speeds, but in the upwind conditions that are coming Ola has the edge.

21:23 h we received SMS from Ola skippered by Vepar - "We are south of Palagruža".

Ola is first around Sušac, with Munjek F less than 1 nm behind. Third around Sušac is Slovenian crew on Macropus who are closely followed by My May. All yachts are also competing under NHP handicap system.

11. Adriatic race is underway under the light mistral. Munjek F led the fleet around first mark, followed by WayPoint and Macropus. After leaving Vis harbour there was an duel between Munjek and WayPoint for the lead with Munjek coming out on top. Ola had an slow start but soon after Stončice they were able to close the gap to the leaders. Live tracking


11. edition of Adriatic Race will start tomorrow (29.4.) at 10:00 h. Today conditions were still to severe to start the race, so this year edition will be sailed on shortened route Vis-Sušac-Palagruža-Sušac-Vis. 

Meeting of race committee with skippers has been scheduled at 12:00 (28.4). There is possibility that 11. Adriatic race will start in late afternoon... 

Due very strong southern wind, start of 11. Adriatic race has been postponed.

Ola sailing team on their class 40 will start Adriatic race for the fifth time in a row. As usual, from Vepar and his crew we are expecting fight for race top honor - the Pripela...

Live internet tracking of 11. Adriatic race will be provided by Trackers will be installed on all competing yachts.

Among entrants of this year edition is Munjek F with experienced offshore sailors - skipper Duško Tomić and Darko Prižmić who won Adriatic race back in 2009. at the helm of Adria Azija HPB. Last october Duško Tomić and his crew also competed in highly regarded Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Race course of Adriatic race takes competitors around three historic lighthouses: Stončica on north-east tip of island Vis, Sv. Andrija near Dubrovnik and remote mythical Palagruža...

This year Adriatic race (beside traditional Open) will be also sailed under NHP (Croatian national rule for racing on corrected time) and IRC rule. All yachts, including international entries, that are not in NHP database can sign in without fee in database during registration in Vis and in that way race on corrected time. Yachts with valid IRC certificate can also race in IRC division.

One of the first entrants of 11. edition of Adriatic race is WayPoint (class 40), skippered by the most experienced skipper of the Adriatic race Damir Čargo. 

11. Adriatic Race will start on April 27th at the entrance of Vis harbour, taking the fleet around scenic and challenging 225 nautical miles long course around three classic Adriatic lighthouses. Start will mark reunion of some old rivals that are integral part of the Race and arrival of new challengers... 
Traditionally on the Adriatic early autumn is the time of races involving numeros yachts and sailors, among those there are three races that stand out from the rest: the oldest Mrduja, the biggest Barcolana and the most demanding among them - Viška. Mate Arapov at the helm of Fatamorgana II was able to defend Mrduja in the spectacular manner - steering his 9.9 m yacht Arapov and his crew were able to cross finish line more than one hour before maxi yachts....


Most of the kids from Vis kindergarten after the start were cheering for big yellow (Austria One), while yachts were racing toward mark inside Vis port, but Dušan Puh and his crew were faster....

Thanks to Dustom Sails for Adriatic race t-shirts for both sailors and kids !

10th Adriatic race finished in a best possible way - with a concert by one of the founders and supporters of the race Marijan Ban with his band Diktatori! Sailors and locals alike enyojed in the night filled with some of the most beloved songs in Adriatic...

Replay of the race is ready. Results, statistics and replay of live tracking is available on site Tracking system was excellent in providing informations about yachts positions, course and current speeds to our internet audience...

unofficial results (with included multihulls) and results by class soon...

Only skipper that won Adriatic race three times (2008. and 2010. with Veliki Viharnik) Dušan Puh and main supporter of Adriatic Europa sailing project Gašpar Gašpar Mišič with Adriatic race trophy - Pripela. What we saw in Adriatic Europa first ever race is telling us that their rivals all over Adriatic are facing very difficult task...

As dawn was breaking in calm near Prilovo after 225 Nm Gingolina and Shark were just few meters apart. Shark entered Vis bay with 200 m advantage over Gingolina, but by choosing northwest side of bay Gingolina was able to pass stationary Shark just before finish line. Regata was concluded by local crew Manderosi.

Fourth yacht in finish and winner of group 1 is Srna V - they sailed excellent race. They were followed by My May that was in a duel with Srna almost all race, then Sea Ya - first multihull in the Adriatic race, and then Munjek F - decision to sail north of Korčula proved costly at the end...

Ola skippered by Toni Bulaja - Vepar  is third and first in group 2. Better part of the fleet had encounter with few local strorms near Palagruža.
Austria One with skipper Kurt Zatloukal is second across finish line. Imoca 60 was unable to challenge Dušan Puh lead, but strategically they might have sailed the best course by sailing south of Mljet where they gained on the rest of the fleet.

Winners of 10th Adriatic race during their final approach to finish line. Dušan Puh and his crew almost broke the race record, but light wind near Vis was decisive - AAG Big One with skipper Marko Murtić after ten editions of Adriatic race is still record holder.

more to follow....

12:40 We have just received information from Adriatic Europa that their tracking is not working, and their position is only 15 Nm from Vis. They are sailing at speeds around 10 knots. Race record that after 10 years still holds AAG Big One is hanging in balance !

Forecast at the moment is predicting light mistral, but in Vis there is moderate scirocco. Conditions between Palagruža and Vis at the moment are quite unpredictable. It is possible that Adriatic Europa emerges from tracking less zone with big advantage i try to break course record, but also there is possibility that they struck the calm, porovidig a chance for Austria One and Ola....

12:00 We are expecting emergence of Adriatic Europa from zone without tracking signal around Palagruža. Austria One and Ola in tactical move to cut Dušan Puh advantage have approached Palagruža from more southern route than usual. Meanwhile My May (on picture) is still fighting Srna V. 

Brand new day!

After a long upwind leg to Dubrovnik, in one hour after turning around sv. Andrija Adriatic Europa is already 15 Nm along the way to Palagruža. Austria One is turning sv. Andrija in second position and is holding few Nm lead over Ola...

0:40 Adriatic Europa is one Nm from sv.Andrija leading the fleet with 8 Nm advantage over nearest competitors Austria One and Ola. Kurt Zatloukal by sailing south of island Mljet outwitted Vepar and his crew...

Situation at 18.00 h. While Adriatic Europa is extending her lead, Ola and Austria One are at the moment in battle for second position. Course north of Korčula was choice of Munjek and Sea Ya, it is yet to be seen if their choice was a good one. At the back of the fleet there is an duel between Gingolina and Manderosi... 

After the great start by Ola, Dušan Puh in racing debut of Adriatic Europa takes the lead and is first around first mark. Just after the mark Kurt Zatloukal is passing Ola and follows Slovenian crew on the way to Dubrovnik....


10th Adriatic race has just started, more to follow...


Skippers meeting has just been held in Vila Kaliopa. Some of the boats that we were expecting unfortunately are not coming to Vis this year, while 3 crews are still on their way. Start list of 10th Adriatic race will be concluded during the night...

This year due to construction works on usual mooring place for Adriatic race competitors, mooring will be provided on new waterfront in historic part of town - Kut. Also in Kut just next to competing yachts will be the race office.

After excellent experience in last edition, we are happy to announce that again this year live internet tracking of competing yachts will be provided by tracking system on site Trackers will be installed on all yachts.

This year prize giving ceremony will take place in unique setting of Vila Kaliopa....

Another well known skipper from past editions is coming this year with new boat. Duško Tomić and his crew will sail on Munjek (Archambault M34), yacht that was used in famous yacht race Tour De France a la Voile.

Only 5 days left until start of 10th Adriatic race....

Few more yachts have announced their arrival on 10th Adriatic race, among those is a winner from 2013! Race director is relaxing from organization related duties by dusk sailing on start line of Adriatic race....

New sailling project with double winner Dušan Puh as a skipper is about to begin. In symbolic turn of events 19m maxi Adriatic Europa from Koper is supposed to have her racing debut in 10th Adriatic race...

Winner from 2014. is coming back. Crew from YC Orsan on Dubrovnik will be on the start line in fortnight in an attempt to become double winner and in that way join Veliki Viharnik and E1...

This year all competitors and guests will have opportunity to enjoy the concert. Singer and sailor Marijan Ban with his band Dikatatori will take the stage and in that way mark the end of 10th Adriatic race !

Crews and boats from all over Adriatic are preparing for this year edition. One of the racing yachts that will be strong challenger among competitors around 40ft is Barba Branko (IMX 45) with skipper Filip Zlatan Zoričić from Jk Labud. 

The 10th edition of Adriatic race is set to start on 28th of April. The 225 nautical miles long race demands from the crews to be at their best in both tactical decisions while racing between islands and in facing offshore conditons in the middle of Adriatic. On the eve of 10th edition we want to thank all sponsors, organizers and competitors that were part of this race in the past 9 years...

11th Adriatic Race

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