Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza - Vis

30.04.  -  04.05. 2014.

WEDNESDAY 30.04.2014.
Arrival of competitors , registration in hotel TAMARIS from 10:00 hours
Mandatory equipment inspection from 14:00 till 19:00 hours
19.00h skippers meeting,
THURSDAY 01.05.2014.
11.00h start for all divisions.
FRIDAY 02.05.2014.
Race – offshore
SATURDAY 03.05.2014.
Race – offshore
Time limit 20.00 hours
21,00h prize giving ceremony. Dinner – competitors and guests are invited
SUNDAY 04.05.2014.
Reserve day in case of delayed start

As every year, as well as this, in the center of the Adriatic at island Vis, a group of selected ships and crews will gather to take part in creation of one more sailing storyin the race for the  P r o p e l l e r .

This year we are announce an excellent race, as one of the longest and most challenging off-shore races on the Adriatic Sea. Maxi yachts will prepare the proper 'implosion' in Vis Bay, starting from the island of Host, to the first buoy in front of the waterfront Vis.



2013 The 7th edition of Adriatic Race has offered great wind conditions - Jugo SE 15-28 kts, and problems for many crews. It's started on My Dream (retired of race) - rudder system failure, fractured ribs on Sarah Key. Continued with broken genoa on Kucini (retired), then broken drifter on Ola (lost race record within 5 minutes). After start two boats have changing leadership, till exit of Vis bay – Sarah Key (Shipman 72) and much smaller Ola (Class 40 Akilaria). Aegyd Penng skipper od Sarah Key had to do solo race, becouse second crew member was wounded. This was his fourth and most difficult appearance (skipper on VO70 - E1 three times) in Race. Ola Sailing Team stays first till the finish line, folowed by Sarah Key as second, Skipper Zlatan Zoričić with Barba Branko (imx45) lost third position after St. Andrew with much powerfull Austria One (imoca 60) with Kurt Zatloukal on helm. Fifth on finish line was czech Sabre, then crew from Vis – Manderosi. This was the sixth appearance in the event of Vis crew- Kucini. Congratulations!
2012 Calm. The race was driven to auxiliary finish at St. Andrew island. Eleven ships sailed from four countries. Unfortunately, last years winners Wild Joe and Veliki Viharnik canceled their appearance the day before the start.. The start was at wind conditions of NE 5 kts. E1 took the lead at the start, followed by Branko. Jugo in arriving in the open sea promised a good race.  Regatta was marked by weak winds of variable direction and Jugo was retreated and stayed at the open sea. Austrian E1 with Agyd Pengg on helm, and expirienced local tactician Darko Hajdinjak finally get a win after exhausting 24 hours and 17 min.
Wild Joe2011 The legendary 'Wild Joe' appeared for the first time on the Adriatic Race. Admirals Cup winner in 2003, and the overall winner of Rolex Offshore Trophy 2004 with skipper Jozsa Marton - participant of the Adriatic 2008th. In the game for first place are even fought the Great Viharnik and E1. The Race was marked by the weak winds from the southern quadrant. WILD JOE justified his status of favorite, while the battle for second place between VV and E1 lasted until island Palagruza, where E1 took 2nd place and not let go until the finish line. For the first time on the Adriatic Race, a second time at Vis - occurred a 'Battle of Vis' between Carmen Kucin & Ramande Manderos. Kucin superiorly showed to Mandreros that they are not grown enough.
2010 Damaco with skipper Berislav Vranic left the port as the first. After taking over the leadership, Great Viharnik stuck in the calm within the Mljet during twilight, and E1 took the lead until about 30 miles before the finish, when the Great Viharnik passed him. Then begins a dramatic match race of two Maxi where E1 almost stranded, prompting room around lighthouse Stoncica. At the entrance of the bay of Vis, Great Viharnik's keel was stuck to the net. The race culminated at only 20 meters from the finish line when two ships caught in the calm below peninsula Prirovo. GREAT VIHARNIK (pictured) i Dusan Puh once again won the Trophy of the Adriatic race with less than 5 min advantage. DAMACO deservedly won first place in the IRC category.
Damaco2009 Battle of 40 footers - Farr40 vs. GP42. Damaco led the race until after the island of St. Andrew, where Adria Asia won him in a direct duel. ADRIA ASIA first cut finish line with Darko Prizmic at the helm. DAMACO (pictured around Palagruza island) won first place in the IRC category.
Maxies2008 an incredible turn around mark, two Maxi yachts from VOR60 class, Great Viharnik and Cuba Libre prepared show to the audience on the Prirovo peninsula. They turned the buoy almost touching each other at the sirocco over 20 kts. After the buoy Cuba Libre failed to recover, and GREAT VIHARNIK with skipper Dusan Puh won with an advantage of approximately 4 hours. BRANKO with skipper Zlatan Zoricic won in the IRC category. In the picture is turn around mark in the bay of Vis.
Start of the race2007 very fast race with downwind winds - maestral to Sv. Andrew, then sirocco to the finish line, marked by a struggle between David and Goliath - Adria Asia and AA Big One. Little AA at St. Andrew island came into the gap of just one mile to greater AA. Winner AA BIG ONE with skipper Marko Murtic set a course record 28h 41'15'' with average speed of 7.9 knots, which was not taken off until today. In the picture start of the regatta.

8th Adriatic Race

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