A D R I A T I C   R A C E   T R O P H Y

Every year in the center of the Adriatic on island Vis, a group of selected ships
and crews gathering to take part in creation of one more
sailing story in the Race for the 
P r o p e l l e r . . .  


art work of prof. Josko Bace, cast in bronze, heavy 45 pounds with stone pedestal 

T h e    P r o p e l l e r 

Propeller, as it is called Regatta trophy, brings with it a series of benefits, because is not an ordinary trophy. Propeller has allegorical figure with three irregular arms, technically useless, but her elegance still gives a sense of speed. The beauty of her has hidden femininity and simply attracts to touch. Actually it represents the secret of the sea and the connection between the submarine and beyond-marine life and sailors has unachieved sense to close the magic circle that brings them calm and relief from all worries.

Propeller is an transient trophy that is passed from winner to winner and does not grant to the permanent ownership, but decorates the foyer of the Yahting Club Host in Vis.

Every year on the base of the stone by using special laser cut is engraved the name of winner of the Race, and it is not easy to conquer it.    

 PripelleThe Propeller surrounded by a small propellers, which remain the property of the winners.


Race commitee
Commodore of YC Host Sani DELIC and Race Committee posing with the Propeller.