#NameOn Adriatic Race
1Aegyd Pengg
2010. boat E1 2nd place
2011. boat E1 2nd place
2012. boat E1 1st place
2013. boat SARAH KEY 2nd place
2015. boat E1 1st place
2Alen Bigava
2009. boat Kraljica Jelena 6th place
2010. boat Kraljica Jelena 9th place
2012. boat Kraljica Jelena 10th place
2014. boat Kraljica Jelena 8th place
3Ante Kotarac
4Armano Zekan
5Beppe Bisotto
2012. boat ATAME 5th place
6Berislav Vranić
2009. boat Damaco 2nd place
2010. boat Damaco 3rd place
7Bohumil Fedor
2014. boat Kallista 6th place
8Bojan Božić
2015. boat Vola Vola 2nd place
9Boštjan Jančar
10Ciril Vrančić
2018. boat Srna V 3rd place
11Ciril Vrančić
2015. boat Srna V 8th place
12Dalibor Jurković
2018. boat Vela 3rd place
13Damir Čargo
2007. boat MATCH POINT 8th place
2008. boat MATCH POINT 12th place
2010. boat MATCH POINT 7th place
2011. boat MATCH POINT 5th place
2012. boat MATCH POINT 6th place
2014. boat Waypoint 4th place
14Damir Repac
2015. boat Geisha I 9th place
15Darko Prižmić
2007. boat AdriaAzija HPB 2nd place
2008. boat AdriaAzija HPB 3rd place
2009. boat AdriaAzija HPB 1st place
16Denis Vukas
17Denis Vukas
2015. boat Dubrovnik 4th place
18Dmitry Gornyy
19Dušan Puh
2008. boat Veliki Viharnik 1st place
2010. boat Veliki Viharnik 1st place
2011. boat Veliki Viharnik 3rd place
2018. boat Adriatic Europa 1st place
20Duško Tomić
2014. boat Dustom 7th place
2015. boat Dustom 6th place
2018. boat Munjek F 3rd place
21Filip Zlatan Zoričić
2010. boat BARBA BRANKO 4th place
2012. boat BARBA BRANKO 2nd place
2013. boat BARBA BRANKO 4th place
22Goran Martinović
2011. boat Wild Thing 6th place
23Hrvoje Banović
2008. boat Buba Kucin 11th place
2009. boat NAOMI 2 KUCINI 8th place
2010. boat Karmen Kucin 8th place
2011. boat Karmen Kucin 7th place
2012. boat SMOKOVA KUCIN 4th place
24Ivica Kostelić
2018. boat OLA 3rd place
25Jakša Miloš
2012. boat Naomi 2 7th place
26Jan Čermak
27Janez Gorec
2015. boat Shark 7th place
28Jelena Jurišić
2012. boat BARE 9th place
29Jurica Kinkušić
2011. boat Ramande Manderosi 8th place
2012. boat Stoncica I Manderosi 11th place
2013. boat MANDEROSI 6th place
2015. boat MANDEROSI 13th place
30Kalabmera Junior
31Krešimi Đakulović
2008. boat Mareus 9th place
32Kristian Hajšnek
2008. boat Boxx 5th place
33Kristof Nobilis
2010. boat Perjura 5th place
2011. boat Perjura 4th place
34Kurt Zatloukal
2013. boat AUSTRIA ONE 3rd place
2014. boat AUSTRIA ONE 3rd place
2018. boat AUSTRIA ONE 3rd place
35Luka Pezelj
36Marin Mrduljaš
2008. boat Balena 12th place
37Mario Kundih
2009. boat Mala 9th place
38Marjan Kočila
2018. boat Cleansport one 2nd place
39Marko De Micheli Vitturi
40Marko Murtić
2007. boat AAG Big One 1st place
41Marton Jozsa
2009. boat Spirit of Pleasure 5th place
2011. boat Wild Joe 1st place
42Matko Perharić
43Matko Perharić
44Milan Pivalica
45Milijenko Nikolić
2015. boat Waypoint 5th place
46Miro Jakubcik
2012. boat SABRE 3rd place
2013. boat SABRE 5th place
2014. boat SABRE 5th place
47Mladen Bralić Novak
48Mladen Crljen
2007. boat Stončica 12th place
49Neven Visković
2007. boat Leona 11th place
50Robert Gaćina
2007. boat Jonathan III 7th place
51Sani Delić
2007. boat Anadora 3rd place
2008. boat Anadora 6th place
2009. boat Anadora 3rd place
2013. boat MY DREAM 7th place
52Šime Stipaničev
2007. boat Marina Tribunj 9th place
53Stipe Karuza
2013. boat NAOMI 2 KUCINI 7th place
54Stipe Orhanović
2008. boat Kramolin 12th place
55Tim Chaos
56Tin Matulja
2008. boat Cuba Libre 2nd place
57Tomaš Doležal
2009. boat Three Sisters 4th place
2010. boat Three Sisters 6th place
58Tomislav Banovac
2007. boat Saint Martin 5th place
2008. boat Carmen 10th place
2009. boat Luce 7th place
2012. boat Vitrena 8th place
2015. boat Vitrena 11th place
59Tomo Cvitanović
2007. boat Toto 14th place
60Tonči Kordić
2014. boat Dubrovnik 1st place
61Toni Bulaja-Vepar
2013. boat OLA 1st place
2014. boat OLA 2nd place
2015. boat OLA 3rd place
62Vedran Nemeš
2007. boat Oportunity 10th place
2008. boat Lea 8th place
63Želimir Vego
2009. boat Adio Pameti 9th place
64Željko Cikatić
2007. boat Bonvi 13th place
65Željko Perović
66Zrinka Hrvoj
2007. boat BARBA BRANKO 4th place
2008. boat BARBA BRANKO 4th place
67Zsombor Berecz
2015. boat Bolshoy 10th place
68Zvonko Kotarac
2007. boat Snježana 6th place
2008. boat Snježana 7th place
69Zvonko Mesić
2007. boat Pojoda 14th place

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