Yachting Club Host is a supra-regional association of sailors, yachtmen, seamen andsympathizers of sailing. The main objective of YC Host is protection and improvement of our maritime traditions. The headquarters of the club is on the island of Vis, the central Adriatic island, whichprovides a shelter for ships on the route of favorable winds for thousands of years.

The meaning of the word / name H O S T

  • The islet at the entrance to the harbor of Vis
  • host
  • boss
  • HOST Nicholas, imperial court physician and botanist, born in the Croatian coast,1830th wrote Flora Austriaca, an act that describes the plants of Dalmatia
  • HOST Joseph, Nicholas Hosts brother, made herbarium specimens and sent them to his brother in Vienna.
  • HOST, an acronym for: Croatian Ocean Alliance of Tigers
  • English admiral
  • Host computer
  • Multitude
  • Accommodate
  • Yachting club from Vis 


YC Host  - board


Goran PEČAREVIĆ ,   president ,   Tel;   0912711755
Teo FRAS,    vicepresident
Ivo VOJKOVIĆ,    secretary
Krešimir ĐAKULOVIĆ,   racing
Marija MLADINEO,    admin

List of the first members:

Petra PEĆAREVIĆ, Igor PIACUN, Milena STANCOMB, Marijan BAN, Toni LUKŠIĆ, Damir ČARGO, Michela SANTORO, Siniša BILIĆ, Zoran BRAJČIĆ, Damir VIŠIĆ, Zvonko MESIĆ, Danijela VLAHEK, Ante RNJAK , Ivo TOMIĆ, Alen KUSTIĆ, Elko MRDULJAŠ, Ante ŠITIĆ, Maja MIŠKOV, Nikša RADIŠIĆ, Zoran JAKŠIĆ, Fjodor STASENKO..........




Greek goddess of the moon, wild animals and hunting. The head is part of the statue of the late IV. century BC. The most valuable Greek bronze monument in Croatia. Found in the ruins of the town of Issa.