1Start 2012Minutes4.2.2013. 10:27:34
2Powerful HOSTs forcesHOSTs instructor at fight against piracy...26.4.2009. 00:17:43
3MessengerSince when it is forbidden to use messenger pigeons ...11.4.2009. 00:27:38
4HairdresseingThe recession has knocked on our offshore islands...11.4.2009. 00:10:58
5The ShineThe Flash22.3.2009. 23:53:13
6Little Sardine in a dark nightLittle Sardine staying alone and abandoned in the dark, falling into temptation of life.26.9.2007. 00:05:08
7A LITTLE SARDINEIt was black night, the most black of all nights, and all hope that this night would never happen again19.9.2007. 08:57:34
8The secret of PARAFRUGEL's LakeParafrugel left a special navigating landmark for the Efors3.6.2007. 17:29:51
9Parafrugel on Peristil on 22.11.2007.We have already been forgotten about him when he suddenly appeared again, and exactly in Split3.6.2007. 17:29:50
10Apparition of PARAFRUGELIt's been several months, and then suddenly Parafrugel appeared as a genuine encouragement to exhausted Adriatic skippers3.6.2007. 17:29:49
11ParafrugelParafrugel Award was established in memory of the Parafrugel3.6.2007. 17:29:48