Results Open

#Boat nameBoat typeSail no.SkipperLOAGroupFinish timeSailed timeBehind first
1AAG Big OneVOR 60CROMarko Murtić19.40MAXI29.4.2007. 16:41:1528:41:15
2AdriaAzija HPBGP 42CRO 1378Darko Prižmić12.80329.4.2007. 18:12:0930:12:0901:30:54
3AnadoraZanetti 5289Sani Delić15.60129.4.2007. 22:49:1334:49:1306:07:58
4BARBA BRANKOIMX 45CRO 4311Zrinka Hrvoj13.75229.4.2007. 23:30:4035:30:4006:49:25
5Saint MartinBavaria 42 MCROTomislav Banovac12.83330.4.2007. 03:25:3939:25:3910:44:24
6SnježanaShipman 50CRO 1253Zvonko Kotarac14.98130.4.2007. 03:55:5939:55:5911:14:44
7Jonathan IIIFirst 40.7CRORobert Gaćina11.99330.4.2007. 05:09:0041:09:0012:27:45
8MATCH POINTBavaria 42 MCRO 1338Damir Čargo12.46330.4.2007. 06:33:4042:33:4013:52:25
9Marina TribunjMini Transat 6.5CROŠime Stipaničev6.50Mini30.4.2007. 09:04:0145:04:0116:22:46
10OportunitySun Fast 43CROVedran Nemeš13.21230.4.2007. 10:02:1546:02:1517:21:00
11LeonaSalona 45CRONeven Visković13.55230.4.2007. 13:31:3049:31:3020:50:15
12StončicaFirst 47.7CROMladen Crljen14.50130.4.2007. 13:35:3049:35:3020:54:15
13BonviGrand Soleil 12CROŽeljko Cikatić12.37330.4.2007. 14:59:3050:59:3022:18:15
14TotoBavaria 46CROTomo Cvitanović13.992DNF
14PojodaSwan 53CROZvonko Mesić14.341DNF

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