Results Open

#Boat nameBoat typeSail no.SkipperLOAGroupFinish timeSailed timeBehind first
1Veliki ViharnikWOR 60SLO 31Dušan Puh19.20MAXI2.5.2008. 20:59:4032:59:40
2Cuba LibreVOR 60CRO2060Tin Matulja19.50MAXI3.5.2008. 00:45:5336:45:5303:46:13
3AdriaAzija HPBGP 42CRO 1378Darko Prižmić12.8013.5.2008. 01:53:0737:53:0704:53:27
4BARBA BRANKOIMX 45CRO 4311Zrinka Hrvoj13.7503.5.2008. 03:23:0339:23:0306:23:23
5BoxxPogo 40SLO 40Kristian Hajšnek12.2813.5.2008. 03:34:0939:34:0906:34:29
6AnadoraZanetti 5289Sani Delić15.6003.5.2008. 03:49:0039:49:0006:49:20
7SnježanaShipman 50CRO 1253Zvonko Kotarac14.9803.5.2008. 08:44:5144:44:5111:45:11
8LeaSalona 40CRO 2004Vedran Nemeš11.9913.5.2008. 08:52:2444:52:2411:52:44
9MareusFirst 40.713464Krešimi Đakulović11.9213.5.2008. 10:33:4446:33:4413:34:04
10CarmenFirst 40.7CRO 1457Tomislav Banovac11.9213.5.2008. 16:39:1252:39:1219:39:32
11Buba KucinBavaria 50CRO 1621Hrvoje Banović14.0003.5.2008. 20:08:3456:08:3423:08:54
12MATCH POINTBavaria 42 MCRO 1338Damir Čargo12.461DNF
12KramolinOceanis 463Stipe Orhanović13.401DNF
12BalenaMoto SailorCRO 11Marin Mrduljaš14.460DNF

Results IRC

#Boat nameBoat typeSkipperLOASailed timeIRC
1BARBA BRANKOIMX 45Zrinka Hrvoj13.7539:23:0347:41:39
2AdriaAzija HPBGP 42Darko Prižmić12.8037:53:0748:04:35
3MareusFirst 40.7Krešimi Đakulović11.9246:33:4449:35:20
4SnježanaShipman 50Zvonko Kotarac14.9844:44:5153:09:36
5CarmenFirst 40.7Tomislav Banovac11.9252:39:1256:32:59
6BalenaMoto SailorMarin Mrduljaš14.46DNFDNF

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