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MOVIE Adriatic Race 2009   autor: Josko BACE




ADRIATIC RACE TROPHY - p r o p e l l e r 

  Propeller, as it is called Regatta trophy, brings with it a series of benefits because the trophy was not just a trophy. Propeller has allegorical figure with three irregular arms, technically useless, but its elegance still gives a sense of speed. The beauty of it has hidden feminine and simply attracting while touching. Actually it represents the secret of the sea and the connection between the submarine and beyond-marine life and sailors has the only sense to close the magic circle that brings them calm and relief from all worries. 






11:27 Colnago with speed of lightning rushes to the destination for the drowning buoys


P4300045_resize.JPG P4300044_resize.JPG

11:07 While President of Race Committee preparing requisites for the start, cheerful sailors enjoy the warm spring rain drizzling


P4290032_resize.JPG P4290037_resize.JPG
19:53 Alen - President of Race Committee answers questions and explains the expected weather conditions after the skippers meeting
tajland_resize.JPG prizmic_resize.JPG
18:18 Three Thais and an Englishman shall sail with the AA and will be led by Darko Prizmic (and Mitre)

...Anadora entering in Vis
P4290021_resize.JPG P4290023_resize.JPG
15:59 Ban posing with a friendly hostess and ahead of saturday's concert poster...
direktor_i_tajnica_resize.JPG kontrola_resize.JPG
15:36 While the director and secretary of the regatta inserted data, security equipment control is in progress.

14:01 Hungarians were trained last year in Middle Sea Race to be ready for our race
13:04 Vis crew first sign up as expected, and our Navy a couple of minutes behind them
29.04.2009. Exactly at 12:00 ADRIATIC RACE TROPHY had come to light in the safe hands of the Race Committee
Securing of Race route
 Course record holds the AAG Big One, with sailing time of 28 hours 41 minutes
ruta BAN.jpg
The Race route NON - STOP navigation 230 nautical miles
Last year's Maxi Duel in Vis harbor
The organization of Race has an excellent development
Sani DELIC and Igor PIACUN at Vis 27.02.2009.

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