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#Boat nameGroupTo finishProgressBehind firstSailing to
1AdriaAzija HPB177.8 nm60.95%0 nmPalagruža
2Damaco180.29 nm59.70%2.49 nmPalagruža
3Anadora0104.79 nm47.40%26.99 nmPalagruža
4Three Sisters1118.34 nm40.60%40.54 nmSv. Andrija
5Spirit of Pleasure0118.73 nm40.41%40.93 nmSv. Andrija
6Kraljica Jelena0120.92 nm39.31%43.12 nmSv. Andrija
7Adio Pameti1126.11 nm36.70%48.31 nmSv. Andrija
8Mala1126.37 nm36.57%48.57 nmSv. Andrija
9Luce1128.47 nm35.52%50.68 nmSv. Andrija
10NAOMI 2 KUCINI0151.46 nm23.98%73.66 nmSv. Andrija