27.04.  -  01.05. 2011.
Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza - Vis
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New movie ''THE BATTLE OF VIS'' - Adriatic Race 2008
An outstanding battle of two Volvo 60, Cuba Libre (ex Yamaha)
against Great Viharnik (ex Brooksfield) in bay of Vis...

(please click on image - watch the movie !)

Winner of 5th Adriatis Race WILD JOE skipper JOZSA MARTON 

elapsed time 4238 min 55 sec


30/04/2011 19:40:00  We asked Kucini about the race : "We have called Radio Split and went straight live in the programme. All crew is happy,we will race next year for sure. At the end it has started to 'pee on us' which was a good coincidence,  because we have had nothing to drink any more. Everything was perfect once again, and as always Luka managed to stay awake from the start to finish. We diddn't know where are the Manderosi allmost all race, and now we will weight for them in the bar to drink together."
30/04/2011 19:21:27 Carmen Kucini have crossed the finish line!
30/04/2011 18:00:00 Kucini team are few miles from island Ravnik!
30/04/2011 16:58:43 WILD THING has crossed the finish line
skipper Goran MARTINOVIĆ, Jere VIDOVIĆ, Tomislav PAPIĆ, Ivan DOBRIČIĆ
30/04/2011 16:29:35 MATCHPOINT has crossed the finish line
Donald Kolombatovic Miljenko NIKOLIC and Damien CARGO
The first Croatian crew, the fifth in order
30/04/2011 15:20:37 PERJURA has cut finish line fourth as winner in Class 1 - congratulations !
skipper Kristof NOBILIS said: ''We had sea conditions from calm to strong winds. The crew did a very good job and we are satisfied with victory in the first Class. Also we are happy for the win of both Hungarian ships. The race was great, and we hope there will be even more ships next year.''

30/04/2011 15:20:37 PERJURA has cut finish line fourth as winner in Class 1 - congratulations !

30/04/2011 14:46 We have been informed that Ramande Manderos has reached Palagruža.

Winner of 5th Adriatic Race Jozsa MARTON skipper of WILD JOE with Adriatic Race Trophy

Kristof NOBILIS (Perjura), Toš SKRT-GOLJA (E1), Dušan PUH (Veliki Viharnik), Damir ČARGO (Match Point), Jozsa MARTON (Wild Joe), Hrvoje BANOVIĆ (Kucini),  Goran MARTINOVIĆ (Wild Thing)

Marijan Ban and his Dictators equipped with Musto accessories gave all of themselves on Prize giving ceremony

Jozsa recalled the calm within the Mljet 2008 with''Spirit of Adventure''which was crucial in choosing the route this year


30/04/2011 22:15 after time limit Ramande Manderosi entered in the harbor
30/04/2011 21:36  Ramande Manderosi are near Stončica, they will arrive in Vis port soon.

30/04/2011 13:17 Karmen Kucini have reported their arrival to Palagruža -  we believe they will be able to keep average of 5.5Nm speed so they can finish before 21:00 when time limit expires. Question remains "Where is  Manderosi team?"  

30/04/2011 08:30 Dušan PUH skipper of GREAT VIHARNIK:
''Before Mljet we felt that Ericsson is going again out. We have no chance with them, there will be a blow job, so if we went inside (Peljesac channel). Some forecasts were such that it may be something inside from the north and that arrived but only early in the morning. The whole night was terrible. We thought that WILD JOE also went inside. We crossed with E1 at the channel at 200 meters, however, we turned Andrew, with an advance of at least 5 Nm (in front of E1). We struggled after Andrew, we went to the channel (right), there were patches and front with clouds.Beneath the clouds seemed to have slightly more wind, then I went to sleep. When I woke up E1 was still astern. Later we were on the left side and he passed us with stronger gusts '' finish line photos 

Video by Nikica Mardešić

30/04/2011 08:11 Stjepan MARINOVIĆ Fila WILD JOE crew member:

''It was hard, from sunset by Mljet we have not seen anybody, and we sailed against of ourselves. We followed the position on Yc Host web site. Jozsa MARTON skipper decided to go out of Mljet, because he knew from experience 2 years ago with''Spirit of Pleasure'' that there is less wind and current in bow. E1 and VV were faster with a drifter, so that helped us choose this route to take the lead. Crew has shown remarkable skills. We are pleased with the race and winning first place.''  finish line photos 


30/04/2011 07:37 Tomaz COPI tactician from ERICSSON has given us a statement:
''We knew that the wind forecast is weak wind, though was not exactly such as it is said, Important decision was wrong, sailing between the island of Mljet and Peljesac in , it was my first time I sailed inside.Somehow half an hour we were thinking to go inside or outside.The first boat went out (WILD JOE) and there was a difference. Near St.. Andrew were far ahead of us, but they are not slower in these conditions ... WILD JOE has always maintained that previously gained advantage and deservedly win. Of the two shifts on the boat, the other was not at same level as the first, and we have not sailed consistently.
This is a great race! ''  finish line photos 

30/04/2011 06:40:54  V E L I K I   V I H A R N I K  IS THIRD !


30/04/2011 06:16:33   E R I C S S O N   IS SECOND !  


30/04/2011 05:38:55  W I L D   J O E IS WINNER OF ADRIATIC RACE 2011 ! 

30/04/2011 04:00 Wild Joe is 7miles from Vis,their speed is 6 knots with wind 5 knots, direction 100.
30/04/2011 30:30 RO sailed from Visa, the state of the sea  wind SE 3 knots. Visually the first ships are not visible - reporting position soon!
30/04/2011 00:39 After drama with boat Kucini has been resolved  and proper positions entered we could focus again on the leading trio. During the last hour maxi boats are reaching with 7-8 knots speed and wind is blowing directly from south. Meteo forecast has announced increase of southesterly wind during the night and race committee has started preparations to welcome the winner of 5th edition of Adriatic race.  U posljednjijh sat vremena maxiji voze 7-8 čvorova sa genakerima a vjetar im je u krmu  približno iz 180 stupnjeva. Even though the gap betwen leadear and trailing boats is reducing it's not so easy to imagine the change at the top. 
In the meantime we have tried to obtain the real position of Ramande Manderos team which has finally started the leg towards Palagruža arround 21:40 according to personel from ligthouse Sv.Andrija.
Kucini team have chosen a longer routh than all other boats further to south hoping they will get south wind before their direct oponents which are positioned more to the northwest.

30/04/2011 00:09 After receiving an SMS from Kucina and entering the position, duty at the race office remained stunned (see picture), luckily Kucini is not in the Red Sea, then cleverly avoiding competitors by southern route:


29/04/2011 22:40 Match between  two VOR continues. E1 has rounded Palagruža few minutes ahead of Veliki VIharnik and they now start lift genaker - as reported by Marko Matic from Vel.Viharnik. Seven knots of wind and speed was not high for the leaders in last hour so we asume that the distance to leader has dropped.

29/04/2011 21:40 Wild Joe has rounded Palagruža. South wind has started to develop.
29/04/2011 17:33 Karmen Kucini just turning around St. Andrew

YC Host's speedboat closly watching situation on background

04/29/2011 16:10 Wild Thing sails 7 kts, wind 250, Perjura next to him, Match Point at 100 m
Jere from Wild Thing scans the wind

29/04/2011 13:53 Match Point turns Sv. Andrija only few minutes behind Wild Thing
29/04/2011 13:41 Wild Thing has rounded Sv. Andrija
29/04/2011 13:03 Perjura reaches Sv. Andrija  
29/04/2011 11:27 Matic from Veliki Viharnik reports speed of 7.5 kts upwind, course 250, E1 is half of mile behind

29/04/2011 08:30 Veliki Viharnik at 07:37 followed by E1 at 08:25 has rounded Sv.Andrija and they contiunue their fight hoping that leader Wild Joe will slow down on ther way to Palagruža. Wild Thing has sailed further south than the rest of the fleet and has advanced to forth position, currently some 10 NM away from Sv.Andrija followed closely by Match Point. 
Wind: 3kts from 250, leading boat sailing on the beat - report from Stjepan Marinović , Wild Joe

29/04/2011 08:00 Calm sea is strengthening - Wild Joe has a great advantage in front of the E1 and  Veliki Viharnik
Latest positions at 08:00

29/04/2011 04:01 Wild Joe rounds St.Andrija with big lead - closest oponents are more than 12 NM behind. Viharnik & E1 have paid high price after making decision to pass between the shore and island of Mljet. Is this a game-over or still mighty VOR 60 and  VOR70 may be back in to the battle for line of honour?
Latest positions at 04:

Joe's bowman is resting in between two tacks

29/04/2011 02:08  Üdvözöljük a Magyar versenyzők és a rajongók!
Wir begrüßen alle österreichischen Konkurrenten und ihre Fans!
Pozdravljamo vse slovenske tekmovalce in njihove oboževalcev! 

29/04/2011/ u 00:00 Wild Joe has a signifcant lead. E1 i VV are slow in channel of Pelješac in front Pomena at island of Mljet, in last 4 hours they are slower than smaller boats which are sailing along the south side of Mljet. Perjura and Matchpoint chances looks better compared to mighty maxi boats and further more latest forecast are not predicting any breeze along the shorelines of Pelješac. Battle of teams from Vis continues - oponents are sailing along Korčula on the oposite side of island. More information on photo album 'The Battle of Vis'. 

Wild Joe - photographed by Stjepan MARINOVIĆ Fila on board
28/04/2011 20:00 hours ... Leadership race is on the threshold of Mljet, Joe has a slight advantage, E1 and VV follow him without allowing an opponent a moment of rest. See the positions of ships...
28/04 19:30 Anthony Vanjaka tactician of Wild Joe informs us that Joe had taken a leadership, with advance of 0.5 Nm in front of E1, the third is Veliki Viharnik.
Currently blows 3 kts from SW-W, and Joe goes 3 kts.

Wild Joe with two rudders

Volvo 130 ketch

 Does eyes look of Agyd PENGG & Dusan PUH discover the winner?

 Vis was first left by Wild Joe, followed by E1, and large Viharnik behind. What followed was upwind sailing. After two tacks Great Viharnik raised Code 0 and soon surpassed E1. At lighthouse Stoncica Wild Joe had the advantage of about half a mile ahead of two Maxi. However, it is the begining of race - said Tomaz Copi tactician on E1 before we say goodbye. On the back of the race the Mandeross team celebrated overtaking Carmen Kucin - this year is going the battle of Vis which we will closely monitor.

Start of the Race
Nothing less dramatic is on the tail of race. Occurs hot battle between the two crews of Vis. Pichu (RAMANDE-MANDEROSI) cons Hrvoje (CARMEN-KUCIN). For now they are equal, the news is coming up ...

 Oko bove_1.jpg
At 11:00 the Race started. After the initial outsmarting Hungarian crew aboard Wild Joe first turning mark at the port of Vis. Behind them was E1, followed by Great Viharnik.

Rank on first mark:

  1. Wild Joe
  2. E1
  3. Great Viharnik
  4. Perjura
  5. Matchpoint

E1 has unrolled a new 3DL weapon 

 Entry list:

















VO 70







RP 60



























FIRST 40.7












Ivan DUPLANČIĆ - 'Double' delivers confidential documents to Commodore

Igor Piacun and Vanja ARNERIĆ - Race Office has successfully established

with Marijana and FANI everything is going perfect...

04/27 16:10 CARMEN KUCIN vs. RAMANDE - The second Battle of Vis is ready to start...

04/27 15:45 WILD JOE is linking to Viharnik

Ico, lighthouse keeper thinks that Propellerhas nothing to do with sailing, but this is no ordinary propeller...

Peco seeking for a hammer to turn on his Toppolino

A view at the Maxies from the window of Host's Headquarter 

27.04. 09:00 E1 is tied in Vis harbor

27.04. Great Viharnik tied up during the night

25.04. While Ban happily relaxes in shade of Anadora
He creates a new hit in his head which could become a hymn of race ...

NAUTICA Announcement of 5th Adriatic Race

The new flag of race is ready to show to the public 

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