6th A D R I A T I C   R A C E

Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza - Vis 

27.04.  -  01.05. 2012.

Winner of 6th Adriatic Race E1 skipper AEGYD PENGG

Winner E1

elapsed time 24h 17min 00sec

Official results after auxiliary finish on Sv. Andrija

# Name Model Skipper Gr Finish Elapsed Behind #1
1 E1 VO 70 Agyd Pengg M 29.4.2012. 11:17:00 24:17:00  
2 Barba Branko IMX 45 Filip Zlatan Zoričić 1 29.4.2012. 12:56:03 25:56:03 01:39:03
3 Sabre Marina 36 carbon Miro Jakubcik 2 29.4.2012. 12:59:11 25:59:11 01:42:11
4 Smokova Kucin Bavaria 49 Hrvoje Banović 1 30.4.2012. 03:02:02 40:02:02 15:45:02
5 ATAME Fast 42 Beppe Bisotto 2 30.4.2012. 05:05:00 42:05:00 17:48:00
6 Match Point Bavaria 42 M Damir Čargo 2 30.4.2012. 06:16:00 43:16:00 18:59:00
7 Naomi 2 Salona 45 Jakša Miloš 1 30.4.2012. 06:19:00 43:19:00 19:02:00
8 Vitrena Salona 45 Tomislav Banovac 1 30.4.2012. 06:23:00 43:23:00 19:06:00
9 BARE Reflex 38 Jelena Jurišić 2 30.4.2012. 13:34:02 50:34:02 02:17:02
10 Kraljica Jelena Salona 45 Alen Bigava 1 30.4.2012. 13:34:08 50:34:08 02:17:08
11 Stoncica I Manderosi Bavaria 49 Jurica Kinkušić 1 30.4.2012. 15:22:00 52:22:00 04:05:00

Results ORC

# Name Model Skipper LOA Elapsed ORC
1 Match Point Bavaria 42 M Damir Čargo 12.46 43:16:00 43:16:00
2 ATAME Fast 42 Beppe Bisotto 12.80 42:05:00 43:19:00

30.04.2012 15:22:00 Race is finished, Manderos crew has reached finish line at Sv. Andrija! Congratulations to all competitors!

30.04.2012 13:34:00 The real drama in the finish. Bare crossed finish line 6 seconds in front of Kraljica Jelena, after more than 50 hours of sailing.

30.04.2012 06:23:00 Vitrena has crossed the finish line. Congratulations!

30.04.2012 03:15 E1 is tied up in Vis harbor, after the two 2 nd places on the Adriatic Race this time they won P r o p e l l e r. Congratulations guys !!

30.04.2012 03:02:02 Smokova 1 Kucin finished the race on the auxiliary finish on St. Andrew. Congratulations !

29.04.2012 21:10 To all race competitors: Race committee has decided to shorten the race course. Rounding of island Sv.Andrija will be scored for race ranking. All boats that have allready rounded Sv.Andrija may stop racing when they recieve this message.

Patrol coast guard ship PB ''NOVIGRAD''

Patrol coast guard ship PB ''NOVIGRAD'' - safety boat of Adriatic Race 2012 is standing by  in Vis harbour

30.04.2012 06:16:00 Match Point has crossed the finish line as Sv. Andrija. Congratulations!

30.04.2012 05:05:00 ATAME has finished Adriatic Race kao 5. Congratulations!

29.04. 12:59 Boro Konjuh reported from E1, they floating outside of Mljet near Babino polje, 1 kts boat speed, wind 2-3 kts variable direction

29.04. 12:59 Sabre has rounded Andrija!

29.04. 12:56 Crow of Barba Branka informed us that they are rounding Sv. Andrija!

29.04. 11:17 E1 is a first boat that has rounded Sv. Andrija, they are now sailing to Vis!

29.04. 10:00 In the Vis bay - south wind up to 15 knots, and also south of the island. But on the route to St. Andrew the Lastovo and Mljet (where are the most of the fleet) there are not even a breath. Wheather forecast says that nothing serious will blow
whole day in this area.

Aladin forecast

Wild Joe on his site published reasons and regrets for the absence:

Az elhúzódó karbantartási és fejlesztési munkálatok miatt nem tudunk részt venni az idei szezon első tervezett versenyén, az Adriatic Race-en. Címvédőként különösen sajnáljuk, hogy így alakult, de vigasztal minket az a tudat, hogy az elvégzett munkáknak köszönhetően a hajó nagyon magas szintű muszaki állapotba került és versenyképesebb, mint valaha.

The translation would be:

The prolonged maintenance and development work, because we can not attend the first scheduled race of the season, on the Adriatic Race. As defending champions especially sorry that was so, but we comforted by the knowledge that the work carried out thanks to a very high level of the ship's technical condition and were more competitive than ever.

... and we regret even more.

28.04. 24:26 All competitors have confirmed reception of notification about changing the route

''The Race Committee decided to change route. The new route is VIS-Sv. ANDRIJA-VIS''


BOAT POSITIONS AT 28.04. U 20:00

Boat positions at 20:00


BOAT POSITIONS AT 28.04. U 16:00

Boat positions at 16:00

28.04.2012 u 12:00 E1 is out of Vis harbor with advantage approximately 0.5 NM before Branko, Czechs following with Sabre, then Italian Átame, Bare, big fight between the Queen Jelena and Noami 2 (two Salona 45) for seventh place, Vitrena 8 ., Waypoint 9, Smokova 1 Kucin, and Stoncica 1 Manderosi

movie from start


Start - Photo by Marijana from Host lighthouse

Photo by the secretary of the Adriatic Race - Mariana from Host lighthouse 

Start - Photo by Bogoljub Mitraković
Photo by Bogoljub Mitraković

General mess was created on buoy
In the meantime, the general mess was created on buoy

Ericsson and Branko leaving the bay
Ericsson and Branko leaving the bay

Order in turn the bay mark:

  1. E1
  2. Branko
  3. Sabre
  4. Atame
  5. Bare
  6. Naomi 2
  7. Kraljica Jelena
  8. Matchpoint
  9. Vitrena
  10. Smokova
  11. Stončica

A close encounters Branko, Ericsson, Bare
A close encounters Branko, Ericsson, Bare

28.04.2012 Exactly at 11:00 starting horn sounded from islet Host lighthouse, wind NE 4-6 kts. First starters were Damir Cargo and Miljenko Nikolic, double-handed Matchpoint

Zlatan, Ian & ing. Beppe
Zlatan, Ian Knight and ing. Beppe talking about girls and sailing... 

At least BARE came, and Jele + Edi
At least BARE came, and Jele + Edi

Sirens .... or the illusion?
sirens .... or the illusion?

27.04.2012 16:15 Sabre CZ - considers the tactics for the calm sea tomorrow

Barba Branko
27.04.2012 16:27 Branko - IMX45

YC Host's SARS boat equiped also for tuna fishing

27.04.2012 16:24 Vitrena - mooring in the shade of the bimini

Stončica Manderosi
27.04.2012 14:50 Stončica I - Manderosi, gybe demonstation

27.04.2012 14:25 Atame ... came last night from Veniceand in the morning were on the training sessions
(Mistral 15 kts)

E1 na carinskom mulu
27.04.2012 14:25 Ericsson approached the customs pier

Igor Piacun
Igor Piacun - Race Director '' let the wind blow! ''

Commodore Sani
... and on the other side of the window commodre Sani Delić

Pogled s prozora
View from YC HOST window

Posada Manderosa
27.04.2012 12:00 Crew Manderosi - rest after training

Trofej Jadranske Regate
Adriatic Race Trophy calling a winner...

Uspostavljanje ureda
27.04.2012 9:00 Setting up office

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