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#Boat nameGroupTo finishProgressBehind firstSailing to
1E1MAXI196.68 nm1.28%0 nmSv. Andrija
2BARBA BRANKO1198.29 nm0.47%1.61 nmSv. Andrija
3SABRE2198.54 nm0.35%1.85 nmSv. Andrija
4ATAME2198.75 nm0.24%2.07 nmSv. Andrija
5BARE2198.79 nm0.22%2.11 nmSv. Andrija
6MATCH POINT2198.85 nm0.20%2.16 nmSv. Andrija
7Vitrena1198.85 nm0.19%2.17 nmSv. Andrija
8Kraljica Jelena1198.97 nm0.14%2.28 nmSv. Andrija
9Naomi 21199.01 nm0.11%2.32 nmSv. Andrija
10SMOKOVA KUCIN1199.14 nm0.05%2.46 nmSv. Andrija
11Stoncica I Manderosi1199.19 nm0.02%2.5 nmSv. Andrija

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