Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza - Vis

26.04.  -  30.04. 2013.


7th edition of Adriatic Race has offered great wind conditions - Jugo SE 15-28 kts, and problems for many crews. It's started on My Dream (retired of race) - rudder system failure, fractured ribs on Sarah Key. Continued with broken genoa on Kucini (retired), then broken drifter on Ola (lost race record within 5 minutes). After start two boats have changing leadership, till exit of Vis bay – Sarah Key (Shipman 72) and much smaller Ola (Class 40 Akilaria). Aegyd Penng skipper od Sarah Key had to do solo race, becouse second crew member was wounded. This was his fourth and most difficult appearance (skipper on VO70 - E1 three times) in Race. Ola Sailing Team stays first till the finish line, folowed by Sarah Key as second, Skipper Zlatan Zoričić with Barba Branko (imx45) lost third position after St. Andrew with much powerfull Austria One (imoca 60) with Kurt Zatloukal on helm. Fifth on finish line was czech Sabre, then crew from Vis – Manderosi. This was the sixth appearance in the event of Vis crew- Kucini. Congratulations!
Many thanks to all the crews for their participation in the Race :)
Adriatic Race Team

foto Ivan Bura

OLA skipper Toni Bulaja - Vepar, around Palagruža ADRIATIC RACE 2013

Winner of ADRIATIC RACE 2013
OLA skipper Toni Bulaja - Vepar
Ola Sailing Team
JK Marina Kaštela
elapsed time 28:46:25

camera on board AUSTRIA ONE


14:51:43 Manderosi have crossed the finish line! Regatta is finished, congratulations to all participants!

8:45:22 Manderosi are on Palagruza !

22:55:10 Sabre has finished as fifth. Chech team has been quite tired and they said it was difficullt to race most part of the race without visual contanct with the rest of competitors.

17:35:20 Barba Branko fourth at finish


 17:24:53 Austria One at finish as third

Ola - tracking line

16:23:25 Sarah Key with skipper Aegyd Pengg has crossed the finish line as second !

15:46:25 Ola with skipper Toni Bulaja - Vepar has crossed the finish line!!
Sailed time 28h 46min 25sec, only 5 minutes behind course record.


12:57 Ola 24 Nm from Vis, boat speed 11 kts, wind ESE 15 kts, gennaker

12:55 Austria One is rounding Palagruža


Barba Branko

12:10 Barba Branko turned Palagruza
11:30 Sarah Key on Palagruza
11:00 Ola around Palagruza

OLA with skipper Tonij Bulaja is brekaing course record!

10:00 OLA with skipper Toni Bulaja is brekaing course record!

Six years old course record 28:41:15 by AA Big One can be broke by Ola. If Jugo stays like now 15-20 kts Ola can cross finish line around 14:00 which is 27 elapsed time.
Ola is followed by Sarah Key. If surfing conditios apear for Shipman 72 footer, maybe Sarah Key take a lead of race.
We expect first yacht at 11:00 around Palagruza.

9:32 Stipe Kalambera Junior -  Naomi 2 Kucini informed us that, they are resting in Vela Luka - Korcula

Turning on Sv. Andrija:
1. Ola
2. Sarah Key
3. Barba Branko
4. Austria One
5. Sabre
6. Manderosi

07:54 Sabre is passing Sv. Andrija
03:52 Austia One is arround Sv. Andrija
02:47 Barba Branko arround Sv. Andrija
02:17 Sarah Key is rounding Sv Andrija
02:10 OLA has rounded Sv.Andrija

23:55 Kucini just infomed us that they can not continue, they are coming back home!
23:00 Naomi II Kucini are continuing a race without a jib at a speed of 4 knots

START by Kiki

First mark - Sarah Key, Ola
First mark - Sarah Key, Ola
photo by Bogoljub Mitraković


Problems on Sarah Key
Boro fixing broken gib sheet on Sarah Key - photo Fani

1. Sarah Key
2. Ola
3. Austria One
4. Barba Branko
5. Sabre
6. Naomi 2 Kucini
7. Manderosi

Double handed team Andelko Bugarin i Sani Delic retired becouse of helm failure

Double handed team Andelko Bugarin i Sani Delic retired becouse of helm failure

Followed by Ola (Class 40 Open) with Toni Bulaja, who shortly took leadership after first mark till exit of Vis bay.


After start Sarah Key (Shipman 72) took the leadership, turning first mark in bay. With skipper Agydd Pengg i Boro Konjuh crew  and Fani Katić race secretary.

Igor Bjažević - Lula .....Photo

Before start
09:35 Crews are preparing for start, weather codnitions are great for sailing

18:35 OLA!

My Dream
18:30 Sani Delić and Anđelko Bugarin on boat My Dream

17:25 Last year's winner Agyd Pengg arrived this year on boat Sarah Key

17:10 Vis crew Manderosi

Barba Branko
17:00 Barba Branko arrived from Split

16:13 Sabre is arriving

Austria One
16:00 Austria One arrived first in Vis

Race Office
26.04. 08:30 Race office is ready for sailors

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