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First winner of Adriatic race maxi AAG Big One (ex Chessie racing, ex Beau Geste, ex Assa Abloy)  after 8 editions is still a record holder with sailed time 28:41:15 despite efforts of many excellent sailors to beat time set by crew of yellow VO60 led by skipper Marko Murtić.

Picture: AAG Big One after start back in 2007. was first to leave Vis bay on his way to Dubrovnik.

This was sixth Adriatic race for skipper Damir Čargo, that makes him skipper with highest number of appearences in Adriatic race. This year he was leading his crew on his new boat Waypoint, while previous years (2007., 2008., 2010., 2011. i 2012.) he was at the helm of Matchpoint. This spring together with Miljenko Nikolić, Čargo on Waypoint competed in regatta Rome per 2 and in regatta 500x2. It seems that Damir and Milijenko have a hard time to resist temptation of long and challenging ragattas where this year they were among Croatia most active sailors.

Picture: Waypoint leaving Vis bay shortly after start of 8. Adriatic race.

Thanks to Austria One crew for this nice video that was filmed during 8. Adriatic Race. Austria One on both 2013 and 2014 edition was fastest boat on final leg of the race from Palagruža to Vis.

Srđan Kurajica, Dubrovnik crewmember is the author of this excellent video. Sailors form JK Orsan onboard winner during Adriatic Race! From start until entering in their final night between Palagruža and Vis followed by Ola and Austria One.

Crew of winning yacht Dubrovnik from JK Orsan with their trophies. Congratulations!

Happy slovakian crew of Kallista after finishing Adriatic race in early morning.

10:38:40 Kraljica Jelena at finish!!!

After Dustom crossed finish line they called that there engine is not working. Inflatable boat immediately came to intervene and secure them tied.Bravo Dustom and race office!

06:54:52 Dustom at finish, we are now waiting for Croatian Navy crew!

05:57:58 Kallista at finsh

02:24:44 Sabre at finish, they pass trough heavy rain storm near cape of Stončica and finished the race as fifth boat.
00:39:34 Waypoint at finish

Short interviews of podium finishers:
Denis Vukas - Dubrovnik   
Toni Bulaja - OLA   
Kurt Zatloukal - Austria One   

YC Orsan  crew of the s/y  DUBROVNIK winner of the 8 th Adriatic race
22:35 Dubrovnik is winner of the Adriatic race, less than one minute ahead of OLA
Leading yacht near Stončica, unofficial information is that Dubrovnik is leading followed closely by Ola and Austria One.

Racing comitte is preparing to welcome first yachts on finish line. New winner of Adriatic Race is expected on finish line in 30 minutes.

Dubrovnik only 3 NM from Stončica. After fast sailling with gennaker they drop from ideal course so Ola was able to overrun them while Austria One got closer but Dubrovnik was able to regain the lead of Adriatic race.

Kallista and Dustom are nearing Palagruža and are in battle for 6th position.

20:00 Dubrovnik is keeping advantage of 1.5 Nm ahead of Ola. Austria One is coming closer to them, and now is 3 Nm behind Dubrovnik.

19:00 Austria One arround Palagruža.
 18:30 Dubrovnik first arround Palagruža. We have report from skipper Tonči Kordić. Dubrovnik is in the continuos lead since Sv. Andrija, and he estimates that Ola is 1.5NM behind them. Very strong southerly wind has dropped down a bit, so Dubrovnik crew is preparing genaker again. Their speed is still arround 10NM so we expect them some time arround midnight.

18:00 Dubrovnik still in the lead, drifter broken on Ola. Unofficially, they are 6NM away from Palagruža.                                  

17:40 Kraljica Jelena arround Sv.Andriju.

SABRE happy crew

Report from leading boat Dubrovnik at 11:30 - Denis Vukas:
 Tough night with little wind. We have reached end of Mljet and than SE has started. OLA has reached our stern couple of times but we were able to increase distance again. Finaly we have rounded Sv.Andrija arround 10:25 followed by OLA 17 minutes later. Now we reaching with genaker and speed is over 9kts

11:10 SABRE has joined the leading duo who is now running towards Palagruža. SABRE has reported that they have just rounded Sv.Andrija
8:00 Duel Ola vs. Dubrovnik has continued through all night. Southeast wind has started and we expect leaders arround Sv. Andrija before mid day

Austria One passing rock Bijelac near island Lastovo.

Photo update from Ola while overtaking Austria One, but can they do the same to current leader Dubrovnik? Race is far from over, competitors are facing night with very light winds.
Dubrovnik is leading the race with almost 2 mile lead over Ola, followed by Austria One and czech crew on Sabre who are doing great, Waypoint decison to go north of Lastovo at the moment is not looking like a good one. There was no forcasted rain on the race course today - it was nice sunny spring day. Northern wind that was blowing in the afternoon is giving away, will there be any wind from the south? Who will catch breeze first?

Fresh boats positions are coming in Race Office, do we have a new race leader?

Damir Čargo with his crew trying to catch leading pair

Last year winner OLA sailed fast on breeze in Vis bay

Waypoint has reported position as well. They are following the leaders within 0.5 NM and the y have chosen route slightly more to the north.
According to the first positions received at 16:00 hours , there is  a duel going on between last year winner  "OLA" and  challengers from sailing club "ORSAN" with their new club racer  ENAVIGO-DUBROVNIK. Leaders have passed more than 20NM and currently they are positioned 3NM south from point Danče on Korčula island.Very close within 1NM is  "AUSTRIA ONE", followed by czech sailors on"SABRE".

Uskoro očekujemo prvo javljanje pozicija, od natjecatelja saznajemo da je vjetra bilo više nego li je to prognoza predviđala tako da su vodeći brodovi stigli u blizinu Korčule.

Ola turned the mark first followed by Dubrovnik and Waypoint.

Exactly at 11.00 am near island Host was a start of 8. Adriatic race. Dubrovnik was first on starting line followed closely by Ola (winner of 2013.edition). Waypoint made an sleepy start or maybe they made a tactical call to start from background. Boats made a turn at first mark at following order:
1. Ola
2. Dubrovnik
4. Kraljica Jelena
5.Austria One
6. Sabre
7. Kallista
8. Dustom

Beauty is waiting for the winner. Good luck and fair winds!

Skipper´s meeting in Villa Kaliopa led by Alen Kustić and Krešimir Đakulović.

Pripella on my mind...

While some boats are waiting for tomorrow race, Kallista (First 40.7) went for a final prectice outside port of Vis. We are expecting arrival of czech crew on Sabre (Marina 36S) around midnight.

Ola, Austria One and Dubrovnik: while crews are busy with paperwork, boats are enjoying some sunshine.

Adriatic race is back in town - competitors in front YC Host race office on wednesday afternoon resting before the race.

WEDNESDAY 30.04.2014.
Arrival of competitors , registration in hotel TAMARIS from 10:00 hours
Mandatory equipment inspection from 14:00 till 19:00 hours
19.00h skippers meeting,
THURSDAY 01.05.2014.
11.00h start for all divisions.
FRIDAY 02.05.2014.
Race – offshore
SATURDAY 03.05.2014.
Race – offshore
Time limit 20.00 hours
21,00h prize giving ceremony. Dinner – competitors and guests are invited
SUNDAY 04.05.2014.
Reserve day in case of delayed start

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