Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza - Vis

See the action onboard this year winner, author of video is the first sailor over finish line of this year edition :)

Big thanks to all sailors who made onboard video and in that way gave us opportunity to see 9th Adriatic race from perspective of competing crews!

9th Adriatic race from perspective of Dubrovnik crew from JK Orsan in video on link below....
Take a look in photo gallery of race start....

Final Results
OPEN ALL              
Place Name MODEL LOA No. Skipper KLUB Sailing time
1 E1 VO70 21,5m AUT 1876 Aegyd Pengg YC Maxi 31h 51m 6s
2 Vola Vola Millenium 40 11.99m CRO 16008 Bojan Božić JK Mornar 34h 51m 6s
3 Ola Class40 AC2 12.18m CRO 40 Toni Bulaja Vepar jk OLA 34h 54m 1s
4 Dubrovnik Enavigo 38R 11.6m CRO 1933 Denis Vukas J.k. Orsan 34h 56m 29s
5 Way Point Pogo 40s 12.18m CRO 69 Miljenko Nikolić J.k. Mornar 37h 36m 19s
6 Dustom Salona 37 11.29m CRO 196 Duško Tomić J.K. Uskok 49h 31m 15s
7 Shark Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 9.79m SLO 3666 Janez Gorec JK Pozejdon 49h 54m 38s
8 Srna V Bavaria Cruiser 46 13.6m CRO 424 Ciril Vrančič JK Zenta 50h 02m 32s
9 Geisha I first47.7 14.5m CRO 1141 Jan Čermak Sport Community Brno 50h 06m 42s
10 Bolshoy Hanse 575 17.15m Cro 4000 Zsombor Berecz Jk Monoflot 50h 17m 32s
11 Vitrena Saona 45 13.55m Cro 1052 Tomislav Banovac Jk Neverin 50h 21m 59s
12 Manderosi first47.7 14.5m CRO 4 Jurica Kinkušić J.K.VIS 52h 39m 46s
For the first time in Adriatic race thanks to tracking system of and Hrvoje Duvančić we will be able to follow regatta in real time. Trackers will be installed on all competing yachts. Beside internet audience, real time tracking will be also available to competitors. To know position, speed and heading of competition during racing are valuable informations that can change racing tactics... 

Vola Vola with skipper Bojan Božić has sailed an excellent race and won 2nd place overall, 1st place in their group and 1st place in IRC.

A bit of atmosphere from "Bejbi"....

15:55 h
Crew of Mosca with skipper Jurica Kinkušić from JK Vis goes over finish line and closes 9th edition of Adriatic race. All yachts that participated in the race completed the course within time limit despite dead calm that fell over race course during first night of sailing. Congratulations to all crews for great sailing and determination, we are hoping to see you all again next year - in 10. Adriatic race!

Prize giving ceremony and party will take place this evening in caffe bar "Bejbi"....

13:37 h
Vitrena in finish after 50h 21min and 59 sec of sailing.

13:33 h 
Hungarian crew on Bolshoy enters in finish in 10. position. Decision to go north of Korčula, although promising in the beginning proved as a bad one because Bolshoy was stuck near town Korčula almost all night in dead calm. Sailing time 50h 21min and 59sec.

13:22 h
Geisha I with skipper Jan Čermak in finish as 9th yacht of 9th Adriatic race after 50h 06min and 42 sec!

13:18 h
Srna V finishes after 50h 2min and 32 sec, decision to go south of Lastovo on first day was a good one.

13:10 h
Shark holds its 7th position despite attacks from larger yachts and finishes after 49h 54min and 38 sec.

12:47 h
Dustom on finish line after 49h 31min and 15 sec of sailing.

11:35 h
Dustom is 2 NM from Stončica lighthouse and it seems that it will be sixth yacht over finish line. Behind Dustom is group of Shark, Srna V, Vitrena, Geisha I and Bolshoy. Mosca is 15 NM behind.

09:35 h
While fastest boats are safetly moored in Vis port, battle for sixth place is taking place - majority of the yachts are back inside live tracking signal. They are now halfway towards Vis, Dustom is leading the group, but Shark and Srna V are on their tale while Geisha I and Vitrena are not far behind. Further back are Bolshoy and Mosca who are still outside tracking signal. Yachts are now doing between 6 and 8 knots but we are expecting that wind will ease up - calm is looming...

03:31 h
The next skipper who is expected over finish line is Duško Tomić...while we are waiting for him, here is one photo of him taken by photographer from Komiža...

02:17 h
First five yachts propelled by 20 knots of sirocco were planing in later part of the race but now calm has fallen over the race course. Remaining yachts are now around Palagruža outside live tracking signal...

00:52 h
Waypoint crossed finish line after 37h 36min 19sec of sailing...

After long fight and close duel in mistral, total calm and sirocco, Dubrovnik and Ola are now next to each other in Vis. Crews are tired and looking forward for good night sleep...

While fastest boats are moored in Vis, Dustom, Srna V, Shark, Vitrena, Geisha I, Bolshoy and Mosca are battling around Palagruža, all boats are now in zone outside live tracking signal. Waypoint is near Vis and we are excpecting them in finish in 30 minutes.

Ola overtook Dubrovnik only 2 miles before finish line and crossed finish line in third place. Crew from JK Orsan was first to congratulate their big rivals....

Vola Vola managed to keep minimal advantage ahead of Ola and Dubrovnik and is crossing as second over finish line of Adriatic race!

Three way battle on entrance of Vis bay - Vola Vola on the left, Ola in the middle and Dubrovnik on the right!

Exciting battle between Vola Vola, Ola and Dubrovnik! Ola and Dubrovnik were flying in final moments of the race and closed on Vola Vola. Ola was able to pass Dubrovnik near Stončica but Vola Vola managed to escape and crossed the line in second place. These 3 yachts passed finish line inside 5 min after 225 NM of sailling....

22:12 h
Dubrovnik over finish line two minutes after Ola - sailing time 34h 56min and 29 sec.

22:10 h
Ola in finish line after 34h 54 min and 1 sec.

22:07 h
Vola Vola over finish line in second place after 34h 51min and 6 sec!

Ola is accelerating and attacking again, it is neck to neck now! Racing committee is ready for Vola Vola, Dubrovnik and Ola (not necessary in that order). Follow the climax over excellent live tracking system on site: !

Tonči Kordić after winning last year edition of Adriatic race gave his skipper position to Denis Vukas. Tonči is determined to stand firm and not let Ola to pass them. That just might happen beacause according to tracking system Dubrovnik is now doing 18 knots!

Duel between Ola and Dubrovnik in Adriatic race can't happen without drama! While Vola Vola in second place has big advantage and now is 5NM from Vis behind them there is duel for 3. place between Ola and Dubrovnik. Both boats are doing around 15 knots but Ola all the way after Sv. Andrija is slowly closing on their nemesis but team from JK Orsan is still holds 3. place. Both crews have many supporters that are following drama on live tracking....

Crew with skipper Agyd Pengg stayed in touch with early leader Vola Vola in conditions that favoured their opponents, and with build up of scirocco they took the lead and charged towards finish line! 

E1 on finish line after 31h 46min and 5sec of sailling. 


Race committe is preparing for arrival of first yacht in finish of Adriatic race - E1 with skipper Aygd Pengg!

E1 approaches and soon will join Veliki Viharnik who is still only double winner of Adriatic race...

17:30 h
E1 speed in part of course around Palagruža was close to 20 knots, they are back inside tracking signal and less than 15NM from finish line where we are expecting them around 19:00. In the same time Ola is doing 15 knots and is catching their old nemesis Dubrovnik. They are sailling around Palagruža where there is no tracking signal.

E1 is back in the lead! E1 is now doing between 13 and 14 knots and is building advantage ahead of Vola Vola.

At 10:55 in third position Dubrovnik has turned Sv. Andrija and crew from JK Orsan is sailling in their home waters. Less than 2NM behind is Ola. Vola Vola and E1 are already more than 15NM from Sv. Andrija on their way to Palagruža. E1 has caught up with Vola Vola and now they are neck to neck, however E1 is constantly faster by 2-3 knots and soon it will probably take the lead.

E1 has turned Sv. Andrija in 8:51 and now is chasing the leader on its way to Palagruža and slowly getting closer. Dubrovnik and Ola suffered during dawn in light air south of Mljet and now are more than 10 miles behind leaders. Sirocco is filling race course and all yachts now are reaching speeds above 5kts. Group of Geisha I, Shark, Vitrena and Mosca are still close to each other while Bolshoy which suffered most in calm last night is joining that group from north while Srna V is coming from the south. Ahead of them are Dustom and WayPoint.

Vola Vola is first yacht that rounded Sv. Andrija!

Crew from Jk Mornar with skipper Bojan Božić is sailling superb and is leading the race in front E1 (winner in 2012), Dubrovnik (winner in 2014) and Ola (winner in 2013).

Here comes the sun....morning in front race office. Race committee whishes happy 1st of May to all competitors and people who are following regatta!

6:40 h
Crew of Vola Vola is witnessing an undesirable scene for them - behind them is E1 skippered by Agyd Pengg and Volvo Open 70 is getting bigger by the minute in the eyes of Bojan Božić - skipper of Vola Vola...

5:15 h
Geisha I, Shark and Vitrena are only few hundred meters from each other northwest of Lastovo and Mosca is closing on them from behind. In the same time Srna V is more than 10 NM to the south - outside Lastovo - while Bolshoy is slowly leaving Korčula. It will be intresting to follow this battle as they converge towards Dubrovnik...

4:59 h
Dawn is breaking and Vola Vola is back in the lead. Their positon enabled them to catch the wind first and sail around E1 . Their advantage now is around 1NM. Vola Vola is doing 3 knots while E1 is doing only 1 knot. At the same time Ola is closing on Dubrovnik and now is only 0.5 NM behind...

Rare photo - finish of Adriatic race in 2010. In night like this one, in total calm in 1 am excatly 5 years ago the silent drama unfolded in Vis bay. After 38 hours of sailling and struggle with calm that fell over race course after Palagruža, Veliki Viharnik and E1 arrived together 50 meters from finish line and they were stuck just next to Prilovo. Dušan Puh and his crew were able to catch that elusive breath of air before their opponents and that made them the only double winners of Adriatic race...

3:10 h
Epic calm, leaders stopped south of Mljet and they are waiting for a first traces of sirocco that will come with the morning. Vola Vola was able to position itself a little bit further south than E1, in hope that they are going to be the first to catch gentle breathe of air. At the moment fastest yacht is Mosca - they are doing 2.7 knots...

02:55 h
Elza Kinkušić -  young lady from Vis is an regular participant in our regatta...

02:03 h
Bolshoy is still under lights of town Korčula, their decision to go north is not looking as good one at the moment.

1:55 h
Focus is slipping, some crews did not sent their positions....maybe they fall asleep...
Residents of Babino Polje on Mljet have a chance to observe lights of E1 and Vola Vola on their left and Dubrovnik and Ola on their right...while looking south of course...

23:55 h
Night of great calm...

23:10 h
E1 and Vola Vola have reached Mljet. Lead of VO70 is only few hundred meters. They are followed by Dubrovnik and Ola who are closing on them. WayPoint has fallen in windless hole just north of Lastovo and it is no longer in touch with Ola and Dubrovnik while Duško Tomić and his experienced crew is closing on them.
Srna V is just next to Ubli on Lastovo...
Vitrena, Shark and Geisha are fighting each other for hours. Shark (SunFast 3600), smallest boat in race is doing well against Salona 45 and First 47.7.
Crew of the Bolshoy at the moment is enjoying in night view of Korčula..
Crew from Vis on Mosca - First 47.7 (Manderosi) are still consistent - steady on their way...

22:21 h
We have just received photo from Ola - Vepar is keepeng an eye on his opponents...

21:50 h
Čiril Vrančić at the helm of Srna V has decided to take southern route around Lastovo, and at the moment is among faster yachts. On the other hand Zsombor Berecz skipper of Bolshoy is near Račišće on Korčula and is doing only 2 knots.
All other yachts are following leading pair - E1 and Vola Vola.

21:29 h
At the moment fastest yacht is Ola. We called skipper Toni Bulaja - Vepar and heard..."cut the engine, cut the engine - race committee is calling". Then "...wind from 213, we are doing 6 knots, bye I need to cook something..."

21:07 h

It seems that near west part of Mljet there is currently 5-6 knots of wind, in those conditions E1 and Vola Vola are doing same boat speed. E1 team on Volvo Open 70 is hoping for a little bit more wind, while crew of Vola Vola probably is hoping for a little bit less. Dubrovnik is still following leading duo on 5NM distance and doing similar speed.

19:57 h

E1 takes the lead!

19:38 h

Vola Vola is still leading the race, E1 is just behind them in second place. Looks like Vola Vola is faster than E1 up to 4-5 knots of wind speed. Forecast for night is light air so we are expecting that duel between Vola Vola and E1 will continue.

Bolshoy, second largest yacht of the race is the only one that decided to go north of Korčula. There is possiblity that forecasted wind from SE direction will be very weak and that thermal wind near coast will enable Hungarian crew to close gap to the leaders.

Old rivals Dubrovnik and Ola have company of WayPoint. 5 NM behind leading pair is Dubrovnik - they are 1 NM ahead of Ola while Ola is 1 NM ahead of WayPoint.

Gentler side of Adriatic race...yacht Mosca
After leaving Vis bay E1 team tuned their sails for light mistral and for last year winner Dubrovnik there was no escape....

Positions in 16:30. E1 was able to overtake Vola Vola after Stončica lighthouse but crew led by Bojan Božić chosed more northern route on a way to Korčula and they are in the lead again, however E1 is closing on them. Crew on Vola Vola are probably hoping that there will be no increse in wind speed because in that case it will be very hard for them to match the speed of their larger opponent.

International battle on first mark. Skipper Zsombor Berecz from Hungary on Bolshoy ahead of Jan Čermak from Czech Republic on Geisha I and Janez Gorec from Slovenia on Shark. Great competition on this year edition!

Vola Vola leading in front Dubrovnik and E1 on first mark approach...

Vola Vola had great start! Dubrovnik, E1 and Ola are in pursuit...

9. Adriatic race has started! Brilliant start by Bojan Božić and his crew on Vola Vola enable them to be first boat around first mark of the race postitioned just next to Vis waterfront. They were followed by Dubrovnik and E1. There is more wind than forecasted so first boats are already near island Korčula. More details to come...

Yachts are ready - Adriatic race is about to start!

Registration of boats is complete. Twelve yachts will race each other in 230 NM long race in a bid to become the winner of 9th Adriatic race!

Evening view of starting area just after skippers meeting - car ferry Petar Hektorović demonstrates correct starting procedure...

Skippers meeting took place in restaurant Villa Kaliopa. Mosca (First 47.7) skipper Jurica Kinkušić is immersed in secrets of island cousine...

Bolshoy, Dubrovnik (2014 winner), Dustom, E1 (2012 winner), Geisha 1, Mosca, Ola (2013 winner), Shark, Srna V, Vitrena, Vola Vola and Waypoint are moored in Vis and ready to race. Only Valeriya - Ricochet 930 did not come to Vis by now. 

Yachts are arriving on Vis, E1 was among the early ones, faster than E1 team was only crew of Jurica Kinkušić from JK Vis on Mosca...

For the first time in Adriatic race thanks to tracking system of and Hrvoje Duvančić we will be able to follow regatta in real time. Trackers will be installed on all competing yachts. Beside internet audience, real time tracking will be also available to competitors. To know position, speed and heading of competition during racing are valuable informations that can change racing tactics... 

E1 (Volvo 70) with skipper Aegyd Pengg is coming! Team "E1 Ocean Racing Experience" will sail on 2012. winner against 2013. and 2014. winner in this year edition. This will be 5th Adriatic Race for Aegyd and Boro, it seems that their participation in regatta is becoming a tradition.

Vola Vola (Millenium 40) will be part of this year Adriatic Race! Crew with skipper Bojan Božić excelled during last year Jabuka regatta but due strong sirocco in later stages of the race they were unable to defend 1st place against more powerful designs - Ross (Grand Mistral Farr 80) and Ola (Class 40).

To win a race Ola will also need to find a way pass Dubrovnik, something that they were unable to do last year despite relentless pursuit almost all race long. Crew from Yc Orsan is coming to Vis to defend the title!

Ola announced their participation in 9. Adriatic race! Crew led by Toni Bulaja Vepar has a chance to become double winner of Adriatic race. Only Veliki Viharnik with Dušan Puh at the helm was able to win the race more than once. 

Waypoint will take part in this year edition! Combination of skipper Milijenko Nikolić and Igor Piacun will be tough to beat....

WEDNESDAY 29.04.2015.
 Arrival of competitors , registration in hotel TAMARIS from 10:00 hours
 Mandatory equipment inspection from 14:00 till 19:00 hours
 19.00h skippers meeting,
THURSDAY 30.05.2015.
 11.00h start for all divisions.
FRIRDAY 01.05.2015.
 Race – offshore
SATURDAY 02.05.2015.
 Race – offshore
 Time limit 20.00 hours
 21,00h prize giving ceremony. Dinner – competitors and guests are invited
SUNDAY 03.05.2015.
 Reserve day in case of delayed start

Race 2014
 Photo albums - Start list - Online tracking
Short interviews of podium finishers:
Denis Vukas - Dubrovnik
Toni Bulaja - OLA
Kurt Zatloukal - Austria One

YC Orsan  crew of the s/y  DUBROVNIK winner of the 8 th Adriatic race

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